Vertical Ore Milling Equipment Hydraulic Tensioning System

2017-12-29 10:04:41

Vertical Ore Milling Equipment Hydraulic Tensioning System

Vertical Ore Milling Equipment Accumulator Nitrogen Balloon Failure

Accumulator in the hydraulic system plays a storage, packing, shock absorption, shock absorption and other effects. However, if the Ore Milling Equipment is not operating properly, the tension bar moves frequently or the range of motion is too large, the nitrogen balloon contracts frequently, causing the nitrogen balloon to burst.

The nitrogen in the accumulator's airbag works like a gas spring, the pressure is transmitted through the transmission of hydraulic oil, so slight changes in pressure will affect the flow of oil and will cause elastic cushioning. If the nitrogen balloon is damaged or the pressure is low, It can not absorb the impact of the hydraulic system due to the change of the material thickness of the grinding machine, the vibration of the Ore Milling Equipment increases, and the breaking of the stretching rod and the stretching rod bolt can be easily caused. Therefore, we must promptly find the causes of nitrogen balloon damage, replace and supplement.

How To Determine The Status Of The Nitrogen Balloon

In the vertical Ore Milling Equipment production process quickly and accurately determine the quality of the nitrogen balloon is very important. The simplest diagnostic method is to rely on the accumulated experience of operators and by means of simple instruments to analyze, diagnose and determine the causes and locations of the faults through three methods of "touch", "measurement" and "look".


"Touch" is by feeling the temperature of the accumulator shell by hand to determine the quality of the nitrogen balloon, if the temperature of the shell touch the accumulator close to the oil temperature, indicating that the accumulator is working properly; if the temperature is obviously high Or lower, and the bottom of the accumulator accompanied by percussive sound, indicating that the accumulator has been damaged, after the nitrogen capsule damage accumulator will not cushion the role of shock, it is necessary to promptly damaged energy storage Repair, replace air bag or check valve.

"Measurement" is the vertical Ore Milling Equipment down state, the hydraulic station relief, the accumulator valve mounted pressure gauge to detect judgment, if the pressure gauge shows low or no pressure, then the accumulator has been damaged; if the pressure Close to the normal pressure of the nitrogen bag, indicating that the accumulator is intact.

"Look" is observed on-site grinding roller lifting or pressurization time is normal, if the roller lift or pressurization time was significantly extended, indicating that the accumulator nitrogen balloon damage.

How To Prevent The Damage Of The Nitrogen Balloon

To solve the problem of nitrogen balloon damage, can not be limited to the accumulator itself, the most fundamental measure is to stabilize the Ore Milling Equipment operating conditions, to avoid the Ore Milling Equipment vibration. In addition, a reasonable method of nitrogen filling is also a factor in avoiding nitrogen balloon bursting.

The accumulator must be filled with nitrogen gas. Do not replace it with other gas. Expel the air remaining in the nitrogen bag before filling it with nitrogen. Otherwise, the mixture of air and nitrogen will easily burst the nitrogen bag. According to the relevant standards, the general inflation pressure control in the system of working pressure of 60% -70%.


During normal production, a weekly check of the nitrogen in the accumulator is required. When the nitrogen balloon is inflated, the nitrogen balloon first expands on its large diameter and thin wall, and then gradually expands toward the lower portion. The nitrogen balloon is pushed outward to the side wall of the housing, and the nitrogen balloon fills the entire container. The nitrogen balloon outer wall and the shell Body wall friction larger.

Therefore, during installation, apply hydraulic oil on the outer wall of the nitrogen bag and the inner wall of the shell to reduce the friction between the nitrogen bag and the inner wall of the shell to protect the nitrogen bag. Before disassembling the accumulator, the pressure oil in the accumulator must be unloaded first, and then the inflating tool should be used to release the nitrogen in the bladder before removing other components.

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