Vertical Ore Milling Equipment Dust Pollution Solution

2017-12-27 20:43:09

Vertical Ore Milling Equipment Dust Pollution Solution

With the development of the construction industry, vertical Ore Milling Equipment has been widely used. The use of vertical Ore Milling Equipment greatly promoted the construction industry's hairpin. Vertical Ore Milling Equipment with ultra-fine grinding efficiency, easy maintenance, low cost, is widely used in ultrafine grinding industry, but because of his ultrafine grinding process, ultra-fine grinding force up to impact, so at work When will produce a large amount of dust, resulting in a certain degree of environmental pollution. This article will give a brief introduction of how dust is generated and how to reduce dust pollution in vertical Ore Milling Equipment.

First, the vertical Ore Milling Equipment produces some powder when the material is ultrafinely ground, some of which are unavoidable. Second, the ultrafine powder vertical Ore Milling Equipment after a long period of work, the roller and the roller will be a certain degree of wear and tear, and even worse, there may be broken roller, roller will fall off, making the machine seal Sexual deterioration, resulting in a large number of small particles flying out. Once again the ultrafine grinding material is mainly through the ultrafine grinding cavity after multi-level ultrafine grinding to complete the material is finely ground flour, in the course of the powder is easy to fly to the outside , Resulting in the generation of dust.


Explain the reason for the dust, then tell you some of the ways to deal with the dust in the process of ultrafine grinding:

  • 1, for the ultra-fine powder vertical Ore Milling Equipment, you can ultra-fine powder vertical Ore Milling Equipment large amount of dust sealed place, you can seal the site of large quantities of powder can also be ultra-fine powder vertical Ore Milling Equipment for small environment sealed.
  • 2, the process of ultrafine grinding dust in a timely manner to avoid the dust caused by secondary re-pollution caused.
  • 3, should not affect the premise of ultrafine grinding can ensure that the material has a certain humidity, reduce dust.
  • 4, install the exhaust system, stored in the local dust environment of air flow, thereby reducing the dust.
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Through the above introduction I believe we have a detailed understanding of the "vertical Ore Milling Equipment dust pollution solution." Following the above measures can reduce the dust pollution of the vertical Ore Milling Equipment, reduce the environmental pollution and reduce the harm to the staff.

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