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  • SCM series of ultra-fine Ore Milling Equipment

    SCM series of ultra-fine Ore Milling Equipment

    The grinding roller of the new high-pressure milling machine designed by our company is designed to grind the grinding ring, which can greatly enhance the grinding efficiency. In the product specifications unchanged, the same fineness of the finished product, the milling equipment capacity than the current mill, mixing mill, ball mill and other common mining mill are twice as high, or even higher. Its product fineness can reach d97≤5μm at one time, which meets the needs of wider application.

  • LUM vertical Ore Milling Equipment

    LUM vertical Ore Milling Equipment

    LUM vertical Ore Milling Equipment with vertical abrasive layer grinding principle, the material in the mill residence time is very short, it will greatly reduce the duplication of grinding left in the product of iron filings, the product contains very little iron, whiteness And high purity. Moreover, the new technology enables the mill to achieve a 70% reduction in the finished product particle size of less than 2 μm, achieving a 325-mesh low residue and facilitating the secondary selection of the finer particle size to meet customer requirements The product. By many customers favorite.

  • T130X ultra-fine Ore Milling Equipment

    T130X ultra-fine Ore Milling Equipment

    T130X ultra-fine Ore Milling Equipment in the body and the base to achieve a soft connection, no hard contact, to avoid the vibration within the mill cavity passed to the body, the analyzer. The high-pressure milling machine analyzer frequency control, more energy-saving, accurate speed control, simple operation. By-pass dust collector, you can isolate the dust, effectively improve product purity. The base with high strength, anti-vibration nodular cast iron, has good shock absorption properties and good impact resistance, relatively strong. The Ore Milling Equipment using domestic imitation Germany Flanders, so that the stability of the machine has been greatly improved. Thus reducing the cost of the user.

  • Medium speed Ore Milling Equipment

    Medium speed Ore Milling Equipment

    Medium-speed Ore Milling Equipment adds a pressurized spring that acts as a smooth booster, increasing the grinding load on the mill and increasing productivity by about 40%. High-pressure milling machine is equipped with high-density separator impeller, which in the case of constant speed machine, greatly improving the finished product fineness, finished products under the same power capacity increased by 50%. Its equipped with energy-saving centrifugal fan, saving some costs. The machine is stable. The machine uses a large inclined duct, is conducive to improving the purity of the product. Equipment is simple, saving labor costs.

Millions of tons of cement grinding

Recently, Dapu County, one of the key projects, Meizhou City, Hongbao Cement Co., Ltd. with an annual output of 1 million tons of cement grinding station technical transformation project officially put into operation with an estimated annual output value of 400 million yuan, the county can increase tax revenue 30 million Yuan above. Cement grinding station is Dapu County, the original collective enterprises in Fenglang Town Shuangxi Cement Company successfully transformed the enterprise, through the upgrading of traditional cement production technology, the introduction of new Ore Milling Equipment equipment, production line automation and control. Construction started construction in 2012 with a total investment of 100 million yuan, with an annual output of 1 million tons of cement. The county also play Feng Lang town of limestone, iron ore, porcelain clay, copper and other mineral resources rich in reserves, planning and construction of Feng Lang mining building materials district, with 1 million tons of cement crushing station as the center, to promote the development of downstream industries , Drive people to get rich.

>>    High-pressure milling machine

With the development of modern science and technology, chemical industry, metallurgy, building materials and other industrial departments, the fineness of solid material grinding requirements are also getting more and more, often require the particle size of 30 ~ 1 um, or even less than 1um. If the traditional ball mill, it is difficult to achieve this size range. Therefore, the new ultra-fine Ore Milling Equipment came into being, the new ultra-fine Ore Milling Equipment not only meet the above needs, but also to provide the output, cost savings.

Common breakdown analysis of high pressure milling machine

Ore Milling Equipment roll, disc liner wear

A common fault is the Ore Milling Equipment roller, disc liner wear failure. When the high-pressure milling machine roller body and wear-resistant lining in the course of their work for a long time and work with the emergence of the mating gap, the body and the lining will wear due to the distance and the friction intensified. Coupled with the hot air and cement particles on the surface with the continuous erosion and increase friction, will lead to the generation of grooves, resulting in impact and collision between the body and the liner, the liner makes serious cracks or even rupture, the fine powder Machine damage, especially reducer damage, causing a vicious security incident. Operators found that the problem, it is necessary to timely shutdown downtime and found minor wear and tear, the equipment to be maintained, if there are major cracks or rupture of the body or liner, to be replaced in time to avoid major accidents, resulting in irreparable loss. At the same time can also make the micronizer to maintain good operating results, increase productivity, increase efficiency.

Wear of high-pressure mill roller bearing body

The second most common fault is the wear of the high pressure mill roller bearing housing. As the bearings are the core components of the equipment, the status of the equipment will have a direct bearing on whether the equipment can operate normally or not. Therefore, the grinding roller bearing assembly requirements more stringent, the general use of the bearing on the dry ice cooling assembly. Bearings and bearing room is to be closely combined to avoid any gaps. Once the gap, not only will affect the normal operation of bearings, but also lead to bearing fever. And serious will lead to bearing burning phenomenon. The operator should always pay attention to the bearing temperature changes, always monitoring. Once the bearing temperature rise is too fast, it should be immediately shut down for the Ore Milling Equipment bearings cooling, temperature fell to meet the operating range, before re-start the work, if the Ore Milling Equipment machine repeatedly repeated overheating of the bearings, to Thoroughly check the Ore Milling Equipment machine, if necessary, contact the sales department to solve, so as to avoid economic losses.

Ore Milling Equipment reducer leakage

The third common failure high pressure mill reducer leakage. High-pressure mill reducer in the event of leakage, not only affect the appearance of the machine beautiful, but also a waste of oil, resulting in a certain economic loss. To the equipment maintenance and maintenance caused a lot of trouble. Operators must be checked before starting the reducer various components of the state is normal. Any abnormalities should be immediately reported to the technical staff, check clearly before the boot. Equipment operation, technicians and operators also have to constantly monitor the working condition of the reducer. Make sure it works.

Ore Milling Equipment unexplained crashes

Ore Milling Equipment mill often inexplicable crashes. There are many reasons for its crash, I, are generally caused by some common misconceptions of improper operation. When we operate the high-pressure milling machine, we must pay attention to the details, to avoid causing unnecessary losses. In the crushing of the material, we must pay attention to the uniformity of the material, the hardness of the material if it is too strong, it will cause crashes, so to add a process; in the Ore Milling Equipment machine work, if the feed inlet The speed is too fast, it will also cause crushing machine crushing death, commonly known as "stuffy car", which is also caused by Ore Milling Equipment crashes a major reason. Therefore, the requirements of the feed is to be controlled in accordance with the requirements of good, not in order to improve simply to speed up the production yield and speed, if the dead will be more harm than good.

Cement Ore Milling Equipment new technology, new equipment

  • Cement Ore Milling Equipment

    Status of cement high pressure mill system

    China is a big producer of cement, and the technology of cement Ore Milling Equipment has a direct impact on the rejuvenation and development of the cement industry. According to relevant data, there are 3-4 kinds of materials that require grinding for every ton of cement produced in a cement plant , Its electricity consumption accounts for 65% -70% of the total power consumption of the factory, and the cost accounts for about 35% of the total cost of cement production. The maintenance amount of the grinding system accounts for 60% of the whole plant's equipment maintenance. It is obvious that the pros and cons of cement Ore Milling Equipment technology have a great impact on the production of cement. At present, cement production methods are more and more confusing, disregard, normative, more cement enterprises there is imperfect process equipment, kiln output is not balanced, some manufacturers use a small amount of advanced technology, the other a few Lack of understanding of advanced technology items, can not find a practical precedent, do not understand the production equipment manufacturers are not familiar with the principles of advanced process equipment and play a role, but also some cement companies focus only on the external auxiliary equipment grinding machine sound, without regard to high pressure The level of the mill itself. Therefore, the overall level of domestic grinding process is lagging behind.

    New technology of cement Ore Milling Equipment system

    Based on the process design and equipment manufacturing of the cement grinding production line for many years, our company constantly sums up the shortcomings of the existing production process equipment and has successively won many titles such as the provincial scientific and technological achievements and provincial-level high-tech enterprises, One of the large-diameter tube mill using rolling bearing advanced technology has been popularized in our country, after the implementation of new cement standards, advocating energy-saving emission reduction under the new situation felt a great responsibility, so research design and practice of a number of cement grinding system new technology. In the cement production of the grinding system uses a multi-point feed cycle grinding as the center of the new grinding process, and for the existing three kinds of cement Ore Milling Equipment technology deficiencies, made a lot of research and practice, in the same year the diameter of the experimental grinding The machine carried out more than 100 repeated practice; again new technology and new equipment installed in the cement business for practical application. New achievements have been made. The cement production Ore Milling Equipment system technology and equipment into a new stage of development.

The advantages of the new technology of cement Ore Milling Equipment

  • 1, Absorbed the advantages of open powder grinding process, there are outstanding innovations.
  • 2, Circumferential grinding with the advantages of technology, but also overcome the shortcomings
  • 3, Combined with the advantages of roller technology, reducing construction investment.
  • 4, Can be designed as a production line. With a small number of equipment, easy to manage features, but also can take two production lines in parallel operation of the production system.
  • 5, Motor supporting power is small.
  • 6, High output per unit.
  • 7, Small consumption of cement clinker, low cost of cement products.
  • 8, improve equipment operation rate. Reduce the amount of equipment maintenance.

    High-pressure milling machine grinding principle of the technology

  • There are many disadvantages of the traditional Ore Milling Equipment, such as complicated process, large investment, low output, high power consumption and poor efficiency. The high-pressure mill cycle grinding technology principle is: material from the barrel before the warehouse after grinding into the next warehouse, or single-warehouse mill in the mill tail discharge before, have taken on the material To carry out screening methods, small particles of material into the next warehouse to continue fine grinding. If it is a warehouse mill through the mill tail discharge device discharge mill outside. Large particles of the material on the screen are discharged through the discharge device on the circumference of the cylinder and enter into a circulation return pipe installed on the outer part of the cylinder and are returned to the front of the silo as the cylinder rotates Grinding before the warehouse, until the material can be ground in the sieve through the provisions of the mill can be discharged outside or into the next warehouse and then fine grinding. Ensure the material into the next barrel of the cartridge uniformity. Single-warehouse mill in the mill tail discharge of materials in the average fineness has greatly improved. Because the difference between large particles and small particles of the material after grinding is small, the average grain size becomes thinner, the output of the grinding table can be increased, the specific surface area of ​​the finished product can be increased, and the strength performance of the cement can be improved.

Flow energy Ore Milling Equipment

Flow Ore Milling Equipment structure and working principle

Its agencies are smashing room, nozzles, ducts, distribution room, pay bucket, feeder, unloading pipe, finished tank, exhaust pipe and other components. Around the crushing chamber is its peripheral wall, equidistant configuration of a number of nozzles, the direction of each nozzle circumscribed a circle, the crushing chamber is divided into; by the surrounding crushing zone and in the middle of the pole zone. General use of compressed air, 3000 degrees superheated steam for power. From the conduit and the fluid distribution chamber, through each nozzle into the crushing chamber, the formation of many super-fast jets of air flow, and in the hypothetical circle around the intersection of confluence, forming a high-speed rotating air flow. Material to be crushed from the hopper into the crushing chamber, immediately dispersed in the strenuous exercise of the air flow, the materials in each other in the violent air collision. Smash. The impact of the material obtained due to different particle size and get a different centrifugal speed. The inside of the particle size to meet the requirements of the smaller speed down to have a discharge port to send. The larger size continues to throw the periphery to continue the collision. Finally, all the materials have reached the required size, in order to achieve Ore Milling Equipment grinding. Products obtained in this way, the particle size is uniform, do not doped magazines.

Application of Flow energy Ore Milling Equipment

1, the finished product fine and uniform. Due to its crushing chamber violently violent impact and crush, but also for the centrifugal polarization, making the coarser particles continue to re-collide smaller to fully broken. Achieve the requirements of the finished product. Therefore, the use of flow Ore Milling Equipment can obtain a very small powder. Meet the high-tech scientific research requirements of the particle size. Commonly used in demanding paint, powder and so on.

2. finished product high purity As there is no easy to wear crushed debris within the crushing chamber components, the crushing process depends mainly on the collision of the material itself, the material on the wall of the high pressure mill wear is very weak; cavity wall can be made of ordinary carbon copper, tin can also be used copper Other hard materials such as cavity wall, so you can avoid wear debris affect the purity of the finished product. Thus is the product to achieve a high degree of purity. Commonly used in daily life, human contact with the materials often flour.

3, suitable for heat-sensitive and flammable, explosive materials crushing material in the flow Ore Milling Equipment, regardless of feeding or crushing, do not touch the rotating parts, does not produce friction heat. Materials will not be heated temperature increased. Therefore, often used to deal with penicillin, benzene, beeswax and other low-melting point flammable organic materials milling process.

4, smashing and other chemical or physical reaction phase combination. In addition to pulverization, extremely fragile, flow Ore Milling Equipment is also used for other operations, such as drugs, pesticides and fillers for uniform mixing. Another example is the process of adding paint, oil, wax, etc. on the surface of fine powder. Can also be used for medium moisture content of the dehydration process and so on.

Flow energy Ore Milling Equipment design...

Due to the fact that the materials collide with each other and the kinetic properties of the gas-solid two-phase flow have not been proved, the design is usually based on experience. The design must pay attention to the following key points:

  • 1, adequate fluid consumption. During impact crushing, it is important that the material be accelerated enough by the jet stream to reach the necessary impact velocity. Therefore, first of all need to jet air flow itself has a certain high-speed route.
  • 2, determine the appropriate feeding amount. Flow energy Ore Milling Equipment energy consumption and crushing room squared into this example. When the crushing situation remains unchanged, the same series of high-pressure mill production capacity should be proportional to the square of the crushing chamber straight nephew; for the general material, when the raw material granularity is constant, the production capacity will vary with the thickness of the finished product.
  • 3, the number of material nozzles and declination. The nozzle angle and the crushing chamber radius of the angle, its size determines the imaginary circle that is, shredding area and the size of the polar area. The size and number of nozzle declination clearly affect the length of the jet stream.
  • 4, the shape of the crushing chamber and other sizes of orange structure.Because the flow Ore Milling Equipment should have enough fluid acceleration distance, and the nozzle angle. So there are many factors that determine the size and size of the crushing chamber. Design must be calculated clearly.

Flow energy Ore Milling Equipment operation

In order to stabilize the operation of the flow Ore Milling Equipment, we must pay attention to maintain adequate fluid pressure, dosage, and uniform feeding speed, in order to control the size and distribution of finished product size, but also adjust the following factors to control:

  • 1, fluid pressure. Pressurized air up to 15 kg / cm², superheated steam at 3700 ° C may be used to expedite the jet flow and increase the dynamic strength of the crushing chamber.
  •  2, feeding amount. The size of the inlet of the jet feeder can be changed to control the feeding amount, and the feeding speed can be adjusted within a certain range, that is, the feeding time can be adjusted by changing the dwell time of the material in the crushing chamber.
  • 3, the size of the nozzle and declination. You can change the size of the nozzle, the size of the declination to adjust.
  •  4, crush the shape of the room. It is a good idea to change the shape of the Ore Milling Equipment chamber to change the particle size of the finished product.
  • 5, raw material size. The size and distribution of raw materials will also affect the size of the finished product can be pre-crushed or sieved method to control the average particle size of raw materials. To control the size of the finished product size to meet the requirements.

Slag Ore Milling Equipment

  • Slag Ore Milling Equipment

    General situation

    The company grinds the granulated blast furnace slag alone into finely ground slag and then adds it to the cement in a certain ratio. Grinding cement and grinding slag powder mill are slag Ore Milling Equipment, the material out of the mill into a purification machine for purification. Into the homogenization warehouse, after mixing homogenized into the cement library.

    Fault case analysis

    High-pressure slag mill hoist smooth operation. Suddenly found the mill tail to enhance the impact of the collision within the shell sound, stop after the inspection found that the Izumisky tape deviation (but not serious), in the process of adjusting the tape there are falling hopper, remove the falling hopper, Re-check the hopper on the boot after tightening. After grinding the tail to enhance the shell there is a collision sound, stop after the inspection found similar to the previous phenomenon. Again handle the adjustment process, the steel tape around the deviation, careful observation found that the phenomenon of steel tape tape cracking, local steel and rubber have been severely cracked exposed steel, but also found that the rubber on the nose wheel is also aging ( The rubber is hard and cracked and cracked, and the horizontal strip rubber on the new head wheel is non-slippery) and the middle is seriously worn.


    In order to protect the production, this treatment adopts the following methods: 1. Remove the falling hopper and remove the hopper that may fall off where the steel is exposed. 2, to re-calibrate the verticality of hoist, adjust the Devon tape deviation. 3, the tape crack serious repair and reinforcement. 4, in the elevator up and down the wheel to increase anti-deviation device. .

With an annual output of 60 tons of cement Ore Milling Equipment production line

In order to adapt to the new situation, cement enterprises started to solve the problems of ensuring quality, increasing output and reducing costs. In early 2009, our company will newly developed the application of circulating Ore Milling Equipment Ore Milling Equipment grinding mill in Hebei made a good economic benefits, the following usage is described below.
The production line to solve the open mill mill hard material grinding time is short, the contact surface area is small, can not give full play to their strength, and easily ground material grinding mill in a long time, the particle size will be too small, consumption Time-consuming, and the mixture is too small on the grinding and cement use will have a negative role in the problem.
Replace and solve the closed circuit mill need to increase the grading equipment investment, management difficulties, power distribution and many other issues, but also to maintain production is not reduced. Achieve the same effect. And save on investment and maintenance costs. High-pressure milling machine production line on the equipment space is small, less capital cement companies, do not have to configure the mill before the clinker Ore Milling Equipment, Ore Milling Equipment machine has been equipped with a warehouse broken and grinding function completed once. Greatly increased the scope of application.
Solve the existing process design of the open mill Although the product surface area is high, but the pass rate of fineness is low, and in order to make up for the sieve to improve the pass rate of fineness can only reduce the yield of Taiwan, so the Taiwan production than the old tube Mill increased about 25%.
Because of the increased specific surface area of the sieve residue pass rate, the same level of cement strength standards, cement clinker content decreased, the mixed material increases, so that the cost of cement production decreased, the profit margin will be increased.